Scents of lavender-infused lattes mingle with chorizo Brussels sprouts and mango-caprese arepas. An eclectic electro-jazz tune pours out of the speakers, and there’s chatter on the patio. 

It’s the real-city vibe that many of us hoped would develop on Main Street, the feel that Makers & Finders owners Valeria Varela, 25, and Josh Molina, 26, set out to achieve.

Varela and Molina had been working on their dream restaurant since 2011, but the original idea for a café specializing in arepas and empanadas fizzled due to a lack of funding. After backpacking through South America and staying on two Colombian and Peruvian coffee farms in 2013, the duo returned with a clearer, streamlined vision: a focus on coffee—each cup brewed fresh to order—and a few Latin comfort foods inspired by Molina’s heritage.

The coffee bar boasts a flavorful, bold menu with Cuban cortaditos (espresso and condensed milk), Mexican spice lattes and free-trade, organic Bolivian, Peruvian, Colombian and Honduran coffees.