Driving through the main entrance of Lake Las Vegas, there are signs of life in the faux-Mediterranean village in the desert.

A man-made waterfall, shut off years ago, is flowing. At a golf course that had been closed and allowed to turn brown, the grass is green, sprinklers are on and the shuttered clubhouse is being turned into a private athletic club. New housing tracts are underway nearby.

This opulent Henderson community was one of the biggest real estate flops in one of the hardest-hit markets in the country during the recession, crushed by an avalanche of financial problems. Has it finally turned the corner? www.rosemarielv.net

Not quite. Like the rest of Southern Nevada’s real estate industry, Lake Las Vegas is showing signs of improvement, but it could take years before it’s firmly back on its feet.  http://vegasinc.com/business/real-estate/2016/apr/13/is-lake-las-vegas-finally-bubbling-back-to-life/