Downtown Las Vegas is getting a make over, Real Estate Agents first showed them plenty of suburban office buildings. Company Leaders are finding old warehouse being turned into small creative office complex in downtown Las Vegas. “It really suits us well, and we get to dabble in the downtown scene too,” Wszalek adds. “The biggest surprise for us is how welcoming everyone is to people who are new to the community.
Mayor Goodman knows there's pleant to be  proud of whe it comes to Las Vegas in redeveloping the downtown area. In the past year so much as happen in developing anf revatilizing the Fremont Experience area. The Downtown Container Park, a mix of boutiques, art studios, eateries, and entertainment venues    The investment will boost the size of the venue by 750,000 square feet of new exhibit space; it already has 2.2 million square feet of meeting and exhibit space.